Surge Detection - Eleven Frequently Asked Questions

We've been getting a lot of surge detection questions lately - what follows are the eleven most frequent, surge-detection-related questions we've been asked.

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Refrigeration Systems - Quench Control (Part 2)

In our last post, Refrigeration Systems - Quench Control (Part 1), we discussed the industrial refrigeration process, and basic recycle temperature control. In what follows, we will discuss the [...]

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Refrigeration Systems - Quench Control (Part 1)

This will be the first of two posts discussing: 

Quench Control in hydrocarbon processing refrigeration systems.

In the hydrocarbon processing industry, refrigeration systems are widely used to [...]

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Deriving the Universal Surge Curve

In this post we will describe how we can convert a compressor manufacturer's compressor performance map to a surge line we can use to determine where, in relation to that surge line, a compressor is [...]

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Recycle Valve Sizing for Refrigeration Compressors

Proper selection of the recycle valves for a refrigeration compressor can be significantly more complicated than the selection valves for most other anti-surge applications. Refrigeration Compressors [...]

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Compressor Control Surge Margin

With the proliferation of dedicated digital anti-surge control systems over the last 20

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Protecting the Compressor and the Process

Properly designed compressor controls should not only protect the compressor, they should protect the process.

Centrifugal compressors are common-place in many process plants due to their small [...]

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Stonewall Control

What's Stonewall?

Stonewall occurs in a centrifugal compressor when the velocity of the gas in at least one stage reaches the speed of sound (Mach 1) at the gas conditions in that part of the [...]

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Incipient Surge in a Centrifugal Compressor

Incipient surge is a flow disturbance in the impeller of a centrifugal compressor that occurs at low flows. However, calling this phenomenon “surge” is a bit of a misnomer. Since the disturbance [...]
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Surge Line Prediction for Axial Air Compressors

The common technique for controlling throughput of an axial compressor is to incorporate variable inlet guide vanes for the first few rows of blades. Some manufacturers can vary all the inlet guide [...]

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