Refrigeration Systems - Quench Control (Part 2)

In our last post, Refrigeration Systems - Quench Control (Part 1), we discussed the industrial refrigeration process, and basic recycle temperature control. In what follows, we will discuss the [...]

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Refrigeration Systems - Quench Control (Part 1)

This will be the first of two posts discussing: 

Quench Control in hydrocarbon processing refrigeration systems.

In the hydrocarbon processing industry, refrigeration systems are widely used to [...]

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Deriving the Universal Surge Curve

In this post we will describe how we can convert a compressor manufacturer's compressor performance map to a surge line we can use to determine where, in relation to that surge line, a compressor is [...]

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Recycle Valve Sizing for Refrigeration Compressors

Proper selection of the recycle valves for a refrigeration compressor can be significantly more complicated than the selection valves for most other anti-surge applications. Refrigeration Compressors [...]

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About once every two weeks we'll discuss a turbomachinery controls topic that; we were either asked about recently, or a topic that we think you might be interested in learning more about. 

Topics that are included or that will be:

  • Compressor Controls
  • Turbine Controls
  • Turbine Safety
  • Relevant API directives
  • General Industry Happenings

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